Medical Fees and Charges

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Medical Fees & Charges
First time consultation fee S$10. No subsequent consultation fee.
(Depends on the duration of consultation,consultation fee may vary).

Acupuncture per session $23~$30 SGD.
(depends on number of acupuncture needles, charges may vary).

Moxibustion (cupping)$4~$6,
Neck Traction $8, 
Herbal Medication $6~$10/day.

All the medicine in our clinic is all made from natural Chinese herbs. We carry Chinese Medicine in the following forms for your selection:

Chinese Medicine Syrup 中药药水
Chinese Medicine Tablets 中药药丸
Chinese Herbal Granule Instant Powder 中药颗粒药粉(浓缩药粉,即冲即饮)
Chinese Natural Herbs (must brew) 中草药(需煎煮)

Yong Kang Medical Hall Pte Ltd. 

Dr. Ong Swee Ling 王瑞玲中医博士 has many years of clinical experience and she treats cases such as:
1. Tumor (
肿瘤):  Breast cancer乳癌, liver cancer肝癌, lung cancer肺癌, stomach cancer胃癌,  nose cancer 鼻咽癌, ovary cancer 卵巢癌etc;
2. Eye disease (
眼疾):      Cataract 白内障, Glaucoma 青光眼, Night Blindness 夜盲症, Retinal Degeneration 视网膜病变,
2. Skin Disease (
皮肤病): Psoriasis牛皮癣, Eczema 湿疹, Pimples 暗疮;
3. Pain Problem(
痛症):     Back pain 腰痛, Knee pain 膝盖痛,Neck Pain 颈项痛, Frozen shoulder 肩周炎, Gastric pain 胃痛, Swell leg 脚肿 Gout 痛风, Menstrual pain 经痛,
Trigger finger 
4. Other illness (
其他):     Flu 感冒, Hair loss 脱发, Infertility 不孕, Stroke 中风Children Therapeutic Massage 小儿中医调理推拿, Chinese Meridian Tui-na/massage 中医经络穴位推拿。

Dr. Ong Swee Ling speaks many languages and dialects and she is proficient in English.